Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I need to boycott magazines for a month. This would be very hard for me to do considering all the Fall August issues will soon fill my mailbox with pages of thigh high socks, lace up booties, faux fur and musky winter perfume samples.

I need to draw inspiration from life, rather than what other's (editor's) ideas of fashion are. A few years ago I felt I had discovered something new, that the masses were yet unaware. Reminiscing, some of my favorite outfits were pieces I threw on mismatched and without planning that oddly birthed perfect creations.

I am set out to derive original thoughts from the beauty of people, nature, food, mundane daily tasks - life.

I know it is difficult to be 'original' today; the runways, department stores and shoulder pads from the 80's prove this but here's to trying.

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